Lexi Belle Bio

lexi-belle-1-01Lexi Belle is lovely and natural. She has a fresh face and youthful glow that lend to her sweetheart look and make her appear much younger than she is. You’d never guess that Lexi does porn if not for seeing her in the act. All that angelic appeal, yet she is a XXX firecracker with zero inhibition and an eagerness for the extremely explicit. With more than 500 pornographic films in her portfolio, you need look no further than her performances for the proof of her wanton ways.

Lexi Belle came into the world on August 5, 1987. She lived in both Louisiana and Mississippi growing up, but eventually made her way to Los Angeles. After graduating high school, she got a job at a video store, and it was there that a scout for the adult industry approached her. He invited her to come along to watch a shoot and see if it was something she would be interested in. It was. She said good-bye to the job that she hated and hello to the career that has made her famous.

Lexi wasted no time becoming an industry sensation. She had very little sexual experience before entering the business, but was soon a pro at all manner of naughty activity. Performing with both sexes and sometimes several of each, Lexi mastered the art of the striptease, uninhibited masturbation, using sex toys on herself and on other girls, giving blowjobs, taking facials, and even engaging in anal penetration. She has won a plethora of awards for everything from Best Boy/Girl, Best Threeway, Best Oral, Best Tease Performance, and Social Media Star, among many others. She was even chosen as the 2014 Penthouse Pet of the Year. She has come a long way from the shy girl in the high school marching band that she once was.

Having shocked every one who knew her with her choice of profession, Lexi is only a pornstar on set. She is still very much the girl-next-door when at home and out of the spotlight. She loves all kinds of music, watches South Park and Family Guy on TV, hikes with her dog, and tries to go snowboarding whenever the opportunity presents itself. She is a vegetarian, drinks bloody Marys and dark beer, isn’t into fancy cars, likes interior design, and wants a man to always remember to leave the seat down.

Little Lexi Belle is exactly the right babe for anyone looking for a thrill. Whether the 5’3″ cutie is fluttering long lashes over her big hazel eyes during a solo, or bouncing her supple 32C boobs in some guy’s face while working him to orgasm, she is guaranteed excitement.

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